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Breton had entered the first world war as a medical intern having been involved with Dadaism, he was absorbing and experimenting with psychoanalyitic ideas and had resolved to combine Dada with psychoanallysis to form his new movement which would seek as stated above to acess the unconcious real process of thought. The fallen hat helps this illusion as it has the shape of a large bowling ball and overall the image is imbued with energy. Be the first to comment. By looking at the work of Klinger we have an often neglected insight into the ideas forming in the late 19th and early 20th century which Freud would describe so persuasively in his work. Girl opens beer with boob the barbarism of World War One fetish unconscious woman the rising antisemitism and general tensions fetish unconscious woman to fetish unconscious woman second world war, it fetish unconscious woman seemed deeply disappointing to Freud that the idea of the death drive was so resisted. Todestrieb is the drive toward death and self-destruction. De Chirico always retained his link to the term metaphysical and his interest in Nietzsche, De Chirico painted secenes of Turin many times the fetish unconscious woman that Nietzsche loved and eventually where he collapsed into madness. We might understand, if find a little coarse the function of high heels or say shoulder-pads in the obvious way they alter the stance or shape, whats interesting though is this effect is secondary and the fetish unconscious woman moves away from the exaggerated thigh or calf to the shoe its self which in its self comes to stand for something intrinsically sexual. These are weighty themes not least because they often broach subjects which we may not wish to think about death, violence, subjection, agency or lack of it. Klinger actually acting as his tutor at the acedemy in Munich.

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