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Verona Sat Only 1 Place In The Last Place With Two Wins

You couldn't blame Milan fans for enjoying a moment of schadenfreude.  They had suffered abundant humiliations already this season, by the 4-1 mauling in Lazio through into the last-gasp draw against moot Benevento.  It was time for someone else to endure.  Better yet that it ought to be their acquaintances, Inter, who had started the weekend top of this table.  There was a joyous vibe in San Siro, where fans were awarded Santa hats before being invited to join in using a half-time rendition of the year's Christmas smash-hit: Inter Bells.  Together with the scores still level at 1-1, the audience was happy to combine in.

Moods turned after the period, as Udinese struck twice more to assert an upset win.  From the end of the day, Napoli had substituted Inter in first.  Although Milan was nowhere near, fans could at least look forward to a couple of days of teasing their acquaintances for once. All they needed to do was win their very own game against Verona one day after.  It should have been simple; they'd thrashed these competitions 3-0 in the Coppa Italia on Wednesday.  Regardless of the margin of victory, that game had finished with homegrown teenage striker Patrick Cutrone monitoring back to struggle for possession in his own half.  His efforts were lauded as proof of Gennaro Gattuso's hard-work ethos taking hold.  The manager himself, however, warned against complacency.  "It will be a different game in the Bentegodi [arena]," he insisted.  "I'm sure of it." agen sbobet

Milan, as Gattuso reminded us, don't have a happy history at this place.  End-of-season defeats there in 1973 and 1990 price the Rossoneri two Scudetti, prompting journalists to coin the term 'Fatal Verona'.  The circumstances were quite different this time around and yet, as Milan would detect, the possibility of humiliation remained. Verona sat only 1 place in the last place, with two wins.  They lost both their starting forwards -- Alessio Cerci and Mattia Valoti -- to harm within the first 32 minutes but caught their first goal between these two setbacks and never return.  They went on to win 3-0: mirroring the scoreline where they had lost only four days earlier.

How could this occur?  Straightforward answers aren't easy to discover.  By any measurable standard, Milan outplayed Verona: holding nearly 68 percent of ownership and taking 30 shots to their hosts' six.  And yet, from the moment they dropped to Antonio Caracciolo's header, you never really thought they'd find a way back. Milan has now fallen behind in seven Serie A matches this season and dropped on each event.  Gattuso would talk at full-time about psychological fragility and a lack of certainty, areas he plans to work on with his players.  To what extent, however, is that even possible through work on the training floor alone?

 On Friday, Uefa formally rejected Milan's application for a voluntary arrangement to satisfy their Fiscal Fair Play obligations.  A framework exists for the governing body to show leniency towards nightclubs which have experienced recent takeovers if they could demonstrate that a strategy is in place to balance the books moving ahead.  Nevertheless, Uefa expressed concern regarding Milan's capacity to repay a $303m loan from Elliott Capital by October of next year, and proprietor Li Yonghong was not able to offer the requested financial guarantees.  They will now work towards a settlement agreement, but this might entail fines and limitations on the number of players that the team may register for official competitions. Though such events don't affect players directly, they surely sap away in the energy and optimism that had flourished during Milan's lavish summer.  And maybe even more damaging are the developments surrounding Gianluigi Donnarumma.
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