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An Excellent Weekend For Napoli

A giant banner at the Curva Sud encouraged him to "get lost", while "piece of shit" chants rained down from the stands. Supporters were responding to reports that Donnarumma's attorneys had written to the club asking they rescind the new contract he signed in the summer.  This requirement was based on the claim that he had agreed on the deal under duress, was exposed to extreme pressure by the club -- and pilloried by fans -- following his representative, Mino Raiola, said in June that no such agreement would be reached. The expression "moral violence" was mentioned by Corriere Della Sera, which specifically got under fans' skin. 

Without visiting the communications between the participant's attorneys and the club, it's tough to know whether any route to rescinding the contract actually exists.   What is evident, however, is that it may never be great for the starting goalkeeper to be reduced to tears by his own fans.  Milan did win on Wednesday, but it was noteworthy that Donnarumma hung back from his team-mates since they went to acknowledge supporters after the final whistle. Gattuso has provided what security he can but has a lot more on his plate.  It wasn't just mental frailty which undid Milan on Sunday.  They'd all 11 men within the box defending when the corner was sent around for Caracciolo's opening goal, and yet two of four Verona players were unmarked by the time the ball reached the center of the region.  "I am not [Catholic saint] Padre Pio, and I can not perform miracles," said Gattuso.  "If there had not been problems here, then I'd never have got the job." agen judi online

This wasn't an excuse -- he had started by apologizing and taking complete responsibility for the defeat -- but only an acknowledgment of reality.  That he's fighting against a deeply embedded malaise could be shown in a hundred different ways, including the statistic that shows they have won only one of their past six matches against newly-promoted teams. Milan has already changed supervisor, and hopes for a glorious season expired long ago.  Fans are content, in the short term, merely to find the ship steadied so that they may have an opportunity to enjoy someone else's failures for after. With hindsight, those two injuries up front may have helped Verona.   The guys who replaced them -- Moise Kean and Daniel Bessa -- seized one each.   Juventus would surely like to see that the 17-year-old, whom they loaned to Verona this summer, playing more frequently.

More superstitious observers noted they haven't won a match in 90 minutes because Inter Bells was published.  Personally, I am inclined to call this one a rebalancing of a few of the fantastic fortune that has gone their way this season.  An excellent weekend for Napoli.  There was a fluidity to their attacking maneuvers against Torino that's been missing of late, and they scored as many times in this match as they had in the past five.  Specifically, Marek Hamsik's goal -- his first in nine league matches -- came with a feeling of relief, moving him to level with Diego Maradona as the club all-time top Serie A scorer -- a goal which had appeared to be looming over him.

This one, admittedly, should have been spared, but Juventus were ruthless in seeing off Bologna despite beginning again with the out-of-sorts Paulo Dybala on the seat. The Uruguayan pulled off a fine save to cut out Francesco Manganelli's cross in a defeat to Sassuolo ... it is only a shame that he doesn't play in goal.  (And that neither the referee nor video playoff team detected.) Next up for Juventus are Roma, who beat Cagliari using a 93rd-minute aim.  It was Federico Fazio's hand that deflected the ball into the internet, too, though you would have trouble convincing me that this one was deliberate.
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